about the designers

Irina was born in Beverly Hills to German and Armenian parents who founded a travel agency as a way to explore the world. Being whisked around to amazing places helped set the stage for the inspiration of her design work. She creates through a lens of the many beautiful cultures she was exposed to, as well as conservation, spirituality and the power of positivity and playfulness.

Irina was introduced to pickleball in 2020 and has not put down her paddle since! She enjoys a myriad of creative endeavors, from jewelry design to retail store concepts, business ideas, creative writing, inventions and art projects.

Her early career path dealt in developing award-winning retail specialty stores. She would often collaborate with designers to create unique products for her boutiques.

The opportunity for her to work with her daughter adds incredible joy to the entire process.

Hi! I'm Fairen, and I am a San Diego local (born and raised) entering my senior year of high school. My interests include painting, very long walks, playing games with friends, writing, and spending free days at the beach.

Growing up, the environment has always been important to me and my family, and we've always tried to focus on the small steps which we hope will add up to a overall decreased carbon footprint.

Everwild is a fun, personal and hands-on project that I get to share with my mom, and one I hope can grow and truly make a difference in the world and how we give back to our Earth.

I have always believed that the first step to a greener tomorrow is getting rid of the “one person can’t make a difference” mentality, and shift it towards “if everyone does just a little, we can make this work.”

Creating these designs is my way of working to grow my family’s everyday habits into a global scale, not just restricted to one California household.