about picklebelle
Irina Rachow

Great to meet you! I am Irina Rachow, designer and founder of PickleBelle Designs.

Passionate about Pickleball

I was introduced to pickleball in early 2020 and, like millions of others,
fell in love with this quirky fun sport! What started as a fun way to pass the time with a group of girlfriends blossomed into a true passion complete with fun outfits, cute gear bags and new friendships forming all the time.

As a retail store owner for over 25 years I had collaborated with my fair share of designers in creating beautiful accessories and apparel for my customers. It seemed a natural fit to start designing jewelry specifically for my pickleball playing friends and, voila! PickleBelle was born.

Sustainability is very important to my daughter and me so all processes had to be gentle with give-backs and eco-friendly materials where possible. We only wanted the best materials so all pieces contain sterling silver and 14k or 18k gold, top quality crystals and non-farmed diamonds.

Keeping in line with our environmental values, every piece of jewelry sold helps ‘adopt’ BLM, farm and ranch land to be retired and kept wild forever through a partnership with the National Wildlife Federation. We have preserved over 1,000 acres so far and hope to keep it going! PickleBelle is proud to support many causes and we love to co-sponsor local tournaments and fundraiser events.

We hope to evolve alongside the sport and share our love for pickleball through our jewelry and other planned product releases as we go - thank you for your interest - let’s stay in touch!